We Met At The PrEP Clinic 1

Hey guys, it’s Jax. I just made a couple of hot videos and I wanted to take a moment and tell you about what we did…I live in Nashville and the Music City PrEP Clinic is where I go for my sexual health screenings and medication. A few months back, my friends there reached out and asked if I could help find some other models to come represent the Music City PrEP Clinic at Nashville Pride and help get the word out about PrEP.Soooo…I got some boys together for the weekend, and you know I had to make some videos while we were at it…. Hope you enjoy, and check out the links below so you can find out how to get on PrEP where you are.Check out:http://www.musiccityprep.org/https://preplocator.org/

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